Use 1-click purchase @ Scientific Programming School

Use 1-click purchase @ Scientific Programming School

Purchase a course in just 1-click, no registration required! In this tutorial we will explain how to purchase a course in just 1-click. First, choose a course to purchase and click on the Buy button.


Payment widget pops up

On the popup window, choose the want this button and complete your payment for the course with Paypal or any valid credit card.


Once your payment is complete, you will be automatically forwarded back to the course webpage in less than five seconds and a copy of receipt and future access information will be sent out to your email.


Your enrollment is complete, enjoy! You will be enrolled into the course with email provided during the purchase and a Resume button will show up.


Enjoy the course!

Should you wish to get all your purchased courses, simply sign-up using the same email address that you’ve used for purchasing the course and get all courses ready in your course dashboard!

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