Introducing Live Scientific Computing Classroom  and Discord Channel

Introducing Live Scientific Computing Classroom and Discord Channel

Live Class

We are introducing a Live class Lecture Series on Scientific Computing and a Discord channel on this course through which we will explain different aspects of the Parallel and distributed computing and the High Performance Computing (HPC) systems software stack: Slurm, PBS Pro, OpenMP, MPI and CUDA!


Live classes will be delivered through the Scientific Programming School

The Scientific Programming School is an interactive and advanced e-learning platform for learning scientific coding. The platform gives you the opportunity to run scientific codes/ OS commands as you learn with playgrounds and Interactive shells inside your browser and supports three OS (Ubuntu, RHEL and SuSE) and 50+ programming languages including the commercial ones like Matlab.


Please use Chrome browser to join the live class and allow microphone if you wish to ask questions. Should you face any joining issue, wait 60 seconds and refresh the browser. The Zoom lectures is NOT viewable on mobile phone.

Discord Channel

Furthermore, we are introducing a Discord channel. You will be able to directly chat with the instructor and ask questions. The embed is powered by the


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