Coding is beautiful - Learn, play and code!

Coding is beautiful - Learn, play and code!

Scientific Programming School

Learn, play and code!

Do you wish to play with code playgrounds, interactive shell, animated videos, charts, illustrations on byte sized lessons? You are at the right platform! Welcome to the Scientific Programming School.

Awesome code playgrounds!

Learn with the most advanced code playground. With 50+ languages- all set for you from Python, C/C++ OpenMP, MPI, C#, Java, Perl to Matlab, R, Swift, Kotlin and so on, you don’t fiddle with SDKs and IDEs at this time!



Dockerised terminals- no set-up required!

Start learning Linux and Devops immediately. It‘s all setup for you in all three flavors of Linux- Ubuntu, RHEL and SuSE. Just click on the terminal window and get a console!




Easy to understand animated videos all around, also includes HD terminal captures and so on. All videos are encrypted, self-hosted and optimised for your best viewing experience.




Lessons are engraved with interactive charts, graphs, images, visual elements. It’s simply because imagary visuals hold more appeal than videos to those curious and intuitive minds.



Scientific Programming School

The Scientific Programming School ( is an interactive and advanced e-learning platform for learning scientific coding. It gives you the opportunity to run scientific codes/ OS commands as you learn with playgrounds and Interactive shells inside your browser.

What do you learn?

Scientific Programming instructors specialize on Linux, Devops, HPC and Data Science coding with scientific programming. Currently we support three OS (Ubuntu, RHEL and SuSE) and 50+ programming languages including the commercial ones like Matlab.

Any prerequisite?

Nope, none! You start learning immediately instead of fiddling with OS, VMs, SDKs and/ IDEs setups. It‘s all setup with Docker on the cloud.

Why wait? Welcome to the Scientific Programming School!